C20, LY5 & G10 Sleeves

Safety Lighting

The UV Safety Sleeves. There is a choice of three different types depending on safety needed: C20 – Clear, LY5 – Light yellow, G10 – Gold

C20 – Clear
The EncapSulite C20 sleeve is safe up to 400 nanometers and is designed for use in museums, archives and galleries, where constant exposure to unprotected fluorescent lighting will damage items on display.

LY5 – Light yellow
The EncapSulite LY5 sleeve contains a specially coated light yellow ultra violet absorbing filter, safe up to 470 nanometers. Designed for higher UVsensitive materials and locations but giving utmost brightness.

G10 – Gold
Safe up to 520 nanometers and designed for locations such as clean rooms, plate making, circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing plants.

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