About us

EncapSulite were the first to cover fluorescent tubes for safety reasons back in the late 1960s. Since then we were the first to produce darkroom safelights for the photographic industry using fluorescent lighting, working closely with companies such as Agfa and Kodak.

EncapSulite were first to offer a full range of colour sleeves for fluorescent tubes and the first to free a fluorescent tube from its batten fitting with the Stick-Lite design.

The EncapSulite success story has led us as a company from a garden shed to a multi-million pound concern with manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA.

Plus we listen, we learn and we are always keen to develop your ideas. So keep asking:

Can we do?
Is it possible?
Have you considered?

They are the basis of tomorrow's designs and can often be incorporated into today's products such as IP fluorescent lighting, UV free link lights, impact resistant IK10, LED lighting and dimmable fluorescent lighting.

The EncapSulite European Sales Office, HOPPE lighting – Katrin Hoppe is part of the company history. Based in Troisdorf (Germany) all EncapSulite products are shipped throughout the European Continent. Best customer service and careful, prompt attention to all matters in line with unusual and high quality products.

You will find a highly challenged and flexible team who will listen, care and help whatever possible.

Don't hesitate to contact us. You are important to us!

HOPPE lighting – Katrin Hoppe
EncapSulite European Sales Office

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